Getting Started

Our CLI tools will help you get started creating a new project from scratch quickly. This is the easiest way to get started developing Syr applications today.

Setting up a Syr JavaScript Project

Grab the Syr CLI tool to get started quickly. This tool currently requires NPM 8 or higher.

npm install -g syr-cli

Use Syr CLI to Instantly Scaffold a Sample project to start with.

syr init ProjectName

Syr will generate a base at src/index/js. To launch this file, simply run the following command from the base of your project.

syr watch

This command starts the Webpack Dev Server. Open the Syr iOS Sample Project, located at ios/SyrNativeSample.xcodeproj and simply press play. The sample project will connect to the Webpack Server, and begin executing your application.


If you have an existing project, we recommend using Cocoapods to quickly grab the Syr Classes and add them to your project.

pod 'Syr', :git => ''