Portable, Powerful and Versatile.

Supercharge your Javascript Applications with native User Interfaces and predictable consistent rendering across platforms.


It's a native thing, it's a web thing, it's a multi-platform thing.

We built Syr to take care of the hard stuff. Consistent rendering across multiple platforms and target devices.

Multiple Targets one Bundle

Built-in density and ratio helpers, translate your app's UI across devices and view-ports with ease.

Extendible from the Start

Syr is built with extensibility in mind. Easily begin using Syr when it makes sense. Use it regularly or as infrequent as demanded.

Shared Environments

Building a library, shared UI component, or multi-tenancy application? Syr is portable, with a collision free motto.

Syr just feels familiar.

Rapid appliction development is back! Use Syr to supercharge development, using a familiar JavaScript api you and your team will be creating cross platform experiences in no time!

Cross platform, cross screen, from the start.

Syr has built in support, to help your development team target multiple platforms, form factors, screen densities and sizes.

Explore Features

Syr is more than just a platform, it's a new way to develop applications.

Portable, reusable JavaScript for target platforms.

Our versatile and portable JavaScript bridge, is designed to allow for a multitiude of serialized flows. Export Native Methods to JavaScript, or call Native Methods from JavaScript with ease.

The Syr JavaScript bridge, provides command execution, event currying, and generic message handling - usable in a number of ways such as Animations and GUI representation.

Best of all, Syr works with the Web you know, and the browsers you already love.

High quality solution for those who want a universal rendering across platforms in no time

A multi-platform solution for developing high quality interfaces for shared environments.

Extensible, component model.

Using a familiar API, Syr is customizable and extensible. Move as much or as little of your project into JavaScript Native wrappers as you would like!

Multiple Targets

iOS, Android and Web. All three platforms are treated as equal citizens. Develop your user interface, using a predictable rendering model. Transport your UI to a world of devices.

Planned: Qt5, JerryScript, Desktop Bindings

Built in tools to ensure your applications is a success.

Our tooling is geared to bring a multitude of the best worlds together.

Install and link Native modules from NPM. With little effort, you can version, tag, and eject builds.

Upgrade through versions of Syr and relax, while we do the work of verifying versioning and compatibility across modules.

Expand the application sandbox, co-mingle bridge applications with sandboxes.

Syr bridge, brings hyper-local communications to client-end applications.

Amazingly Simple Use

Cross commuicate with applications on the same bus simply using Fetch commands. We'll take care of the rest responding with async ajax responses.

Multiplexed Rendering

Render different modules to different targets through a single instance of the SyrVM.

Native First Paradigms.

Our first goal, was to create a dynamic UI engine, that Native Developers could rely on. We lean heavily on Native First paradigms, instead of forcing a shift to the web.

But don't forget about Web!

Your code shouldn't be stuck to any single platform. With no changes, we ensure that your code will run and render as expected in Web Browsers as well.

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Syr and React Native, are basically the same!

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