CLI Tools

Ease development, by using syr-cli. This tool scaffolds projects, repairs links for native modules, and helps spin up development servers.


npm install -g syr-cli



Creates a project inside a directory with the specified project name. Installs needed npm modules, and creates an empty set of Native projects that have the required Syr libraries to start development.

$ syr init myProjectName


Starts webpack development server for the project.

$ syr watch

Fixes any bad paths for Native Modules that reside in the node_modules folder.

$ syr link

Coming Soon


Pulls the native libraries together for cloaked distribution. Provide a Prefix that should be used. This will become a private version of Syr. Great for distribution in SDKs.

$ syr eject DMKA


Starts syr watch and spins up simulator/emulator instances to point at development server. Helping non native developers get started fast!

$ syr start ios
$ syr start android